Painted Cow Skull: From the Summer of 2013

Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Going to try and get this ramped back up again. Took a hiatus for a bit. During this time I actually found some inspiration to paint probably my most colorful cow skull yet.

When approaching skulls, I always try to think provocatively. I just don’t understand people that paint Native Americans or buffalo or horses on a skull and, well, essentially ruin it. It detracts from the overall form of the skull and just leaves it looking cheap. So with the skull above, I really just wanted to see how I could use bright colors, create some contrast, and enhance the overall form of the skull.

It was a bit of a challenge using acrylic paint with sponges to create the right blending while also making the color pop. Also, I have a tendency to paint abstract designs, so departing from that to just do blended colors was a bit bizarre.

It’ll be a bright colorful addition to the patio as we head into our mild, Texas winter.



Painted Cow Skull #S13



1 thought on “Painted Cow Skull: From the Summer of 2013

  1. alejandro Reply

    Hi Dave,

    Do you remember me, Im Alejandro from Spain, that wanted to purchase a colorful Cow Skull for making LED lighting lamps. We were in contact but I had no more news from you since February 2013 🙁
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    Alejandro Cisneros

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